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Telling Your Story

Sunrise on morning of SuperBowl from condo

Sunrise on morning of SuperBowl from condo

Over the last two weeks I have been watching the stories being told about the Seahawks. Of course being a life long Seahawks fan and living in Seattle makes it all that much more fun and amazing.

We all love good stories. We love to hear about Derrick Coleman, a deaf NFL player making the difference in peoples lives. Or Russell Wilson again and again tell us about his dad and the words of wisdom that he lives by today. Being too small for the NFL and winning the Super Bowl.

We like stories…..and that’s what I want to hear in your course 5 video. I want you to think about your COETAIL journey and think what is your story? How has this all ended with you trying something new and different in your classroom. Even though Payton Manning didn’t win the Super Bowl we love his story. He failed and yet his story is what we will remember. His story is what is told.

Think about the TED Talks you like…the stories you like to hear….that make an impact. I think about how the Internet allows us to tell stories and how social networks allow those stories to spread. You never really know who’s going to hear your story, be moved by your story. But telling your story can lead to amazing things. If you haven’t seen Caine’s Arcade or even if you have, I encourage you to watch it again….the story is a good one.

It was great today to go through my RSS Reader and get excited to see that many of you have started to gear up to start on units that will make up your course 5 final project. Whether it’s Ron telling us it’s Game Time. Kelsey starting to build things for her Flipped Classroom, or Tim putting his ideas out there and getting feedback from the community. It’s great to see the end of your stories beginning.

Tell your stories….be proud of them what ever the outcome as it’s all just a learning journey.

Course 5: Ready, Set, Jump!

Happy New Year, Happy 2nd Semester, Happy 5th and Final Course of COETAIL!

Photo Credit: *vlad* via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: *vlad* via Compfight cc

I hope this blog post finds you all well and excited to take your classroom, your students, and your technology use to a whole new level.

We really want you to push yourself. Yes…you could easily do something you have done before and we would never know the difference. We hope you don’t do that and instead push yourself to try something new and to push yourself and your comfort level with technology to new heights.

Under My Courses – Course 5 you will see the one lone unit for this course that goes over everything you need to do to complete COETAIL. I even created a video for you if you are an audio person rather than a reader or you just miss me and really want to watch me on video one last time. 🙂

Use Your Network

I can’t stress this enough….your network and your community are here to support you. You have the COETAIL list on twitter. You have the #coetail tag, the COETAIL community on Google+ and then of course there is the community here on the website. Use one or use them all…but use them! That is what a network is for to support you when you need them.

I am part of your network as well. Use me, email me, we can do a Skype call or a Google Hangout if you want. I’m here for you and will be watching, commenting and observing the learning journey from out here in the Interwebs.

Enjoy the journey….that’s what learning is all about!